Jimmer in San Antonio, Could Become a Spur Today?

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This 2015 hot time in Alamotown has truly, to the surprise of about everyone, become the Summer of the Spurs. The latest splash appears to be a stunner.  Remember when Jimmermania ruled the nation.


Could it be back… Tex-Mex style? has learned Jimmer is in San Antonio today, flew in last night and all indications are the 2011 National Player of the Year, former #BYU star could sign a contract with the #Spurs as early as today.

The Spurs have had an eye on Jimmer since his days firing up all comers in an electric, iconic career at BYU. San Antonio Head Coach Gregg Popovich has made a habit in recent years of stockpiling rotation players who could shoot and didn’t command huge salaries.

pop bearded

Games like this one on New Year’s Eve 2014 when Fredette went off on the Spurs for 14 points in the second half in San Antonio stuck in “Pop”s ” memory bank.

Now, as the twittersphere was alive with reports of Jimmer signing with a team in Italy

Just playing a hunch, I reached out to an NBA source Tuesday,  who told me there should be news in the next day or two  indicating it wasn’t anything international,  Jimmer was dealing with an NBA team.So who needs shooters? (other than every other team in the NBA)  Spurs lost rotation guards Cory Joseph (Toronto, 4 years, $30 Million) and Marco Belinelli (Sacramento, 3 years/$19 Million). So this makes sense and Pop has developed a reputation for taking talented guys who’ve lost their way and giving them a fresh start.

jimmer shoots

Then late Tuesday night, as I was dialing in on the Spurs as the perfect landing spot for Jimmer, this tweet from a hard-core BYU fan sealed the deal for me.

The Jimmer and K. Leonard were once foes, now they’re gonna be teammates? Isn’t that ironic, don’t you think?

Selected with the 10th overall pick of the 2011 NBA Draft, Fredette averaged 6.1 points per game in 229 contests in the NBA in 13 minutes on the court.

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