Jimmermania in San Anton? It’s Now a Make/Miss Opportunity
jimmer shoots

As we first reported here Wednesday, former National Player of the Year Jimmer Fredette flew to San Antonio Tuesday and hearing what he wanted to hear from Spurs braintrust R.C. Buford (General Manager) and Gregg Popovich (Head Coach) ,  Jimmer reenacted an epic moment from his childhood.

jimmer screams

When, as a teenager in upstate NY,  he signed a contract drawn up  by brother TJ, bold language, committing his heart and soul to do whatever was necessary to make it to the NBA.

After 3 unsuccessful NBA stops in Sacramento, Chicago and New Orleans, this Spurs lifeline might very well be Jimmer’s last and best hope for sticking in the NBA.  None of the bells and whistles “Jimmermania” used to command, this is your basic NBA veterans minimum deal.

So is Jimmer losing it? He just suffered through the misery of making just 19% of his threes last season but really? He only launched 48 three-pointers, before last season Jimmer shot 40% from 3 over his NBA career.

So who else is in the Spurs backcourt mix?

spurs celebrate

Stars like Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, recently re-signed sharp-shooter Danny Green and crazy-quick backup point Patty Mills, who ,when in rhythm can be as deadly a 3 pt assassin as they have.  Jimmer’s not beating those guys out.  Then there’s recently acquired Ray McCallum, just came over from Sacramento for a 2nd round pick.  He’s definitely in the backcourt mix but hardly the deep 3 floor-spacer Jimmer can be.  Same day Jimmer signed, Spurs also signed 6’6″ 2-guard  Jonathan Simmons who was one of Becky Hammon’s stars as the Spurs Summer League team won the Las Vegas  Similar low dollar, partial guarantee contract Jimmer has. AND don’t forget 6’8″ 2nd year Spur Kyle Anderson.  He just took home Vegas Summer League MVP helping the Spurs win the Vegas Summer League Tournament.

SO.  The NBA”s a “make or miss league” You’ve heard that before.  Also heard “It’s a numbers game” before too. Coming up in October, these old axiom’s will collide.

jimmer lettin it fly

At Spurs training camp,  Jimmer’s NBA life will be hanging in the balance. He’s been as polarizing a star as I’ve seen in the past decade. Mostly loved, not really hated but his skills questioned from Draft night 2011 right up to now.  Already some are saying since Jimmer and David West (left $12 Million the table in Indiana, signing with the Spurs for $1.5 instead)  share the same agent group (Octagon Sports) Spurs are merely returning the ‘West Spurs Discount’ favor.   I believe Pop’s much more to the point.  Make shots and Jimmer makes the team, they’ll sort out the guaranteed contracts after they see what October brings.


If he sticks with the Spurs,  assuming  Jimmer flows in and out of his unconscious shooting state where everything is falling,


his Spurs teammates might…just might, from time to time, get a view from inside this man’s mania.

Just over a million dollars with a modest $600K buyout.  Doesn’t matter to Jimmer,  Spurs need shooters and he’ll give ‘em his best shot.Got to have your better half on board!Then Jimmer’s old BYU running mate Jax jumped all in!Here’s part of why the Spurs have long admired Jimmer.  Just last New Year’s Eve, Fredette fired the Spurs up in San Anton, dropping all 14 of his points in the 2nd half.

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