Home for the Holidays | Win Your Rent or Mortgage Paid For a Year!

Home for the Holidays is back!

Enter to win Home for the Holidays and you could win your rent or mortgage paid in 2023!* Think of all the things you could do with that much extra cash. You could put it back into your house. Take that European vacation that you’ve always wanted. Get out of credit card debt. Have epic Taco Tuesday every single Tuesday of 2023 for your entire block! Or, ya know, just do something crazy like putting that extra dough into a savings account. Yeah, we know…boring.

Need some ideas? Well, Huffpost has some frivolous suggestions and Nerdwallet has some responsible ones.

Imagine living rent or mortgage free for an entire year. Someone’s gotta win. Why not you? Enter below!

*This is a national contest. A total of one (1) prize will be awarded, which will be the lesser of $18,000 or the value of the winning entrant’s (the “Winner’s”) annual rent or mortgage payments for one year (the “Prize”). See the full rules/term on the entry form for more details.

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