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Another trolling BYU fan that made us laugh

Ok, guys… You know we’re all Utah fans around here. As the home of the Utes we pride ourselves in bringing you the best University of Utah coverage there is. Every now and then, however, a silly BYU fan creates something funny at the expense of Utah Football that makes us laugh. Case in point:

Now Ute fans, before you get mad and tell us how much we don’t like Utah and how much we love BYU and how dumb we are and how Utah has a tougher schedule and blah, blah, blah just remember a few things…

  1. We can’t stress enough how glad we are that Travis Wilson is OK and didn’t suffer a major injury from this jump/hit/fall/scorpion/whatever.
  2. You can’t even compare BYU’s schedule to that of the Utes, so we won’t bother.
  3. PAC-12.

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