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Everybody knows that a good playlist is critical to having the best workout possible when you hit the gym. Trying to work out while listening to the grunts and groans of other gym patrons isn’t quite the same as moving to your favorite music while breaking a sweat.

Whether you’re going to burn a few calories or you’re looking to be the next Mr. or Ms. Olympia, this playlist is guaranteed to help you have a better workout.

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1. Modest Mouse “Float On”

This song is the breakthrough song for Modest Mouse, so why shouldn’t it be a breakthrough for you in your fitness goals?


A nice way to start your workout with a nice buildup. Could work for your interval training.

3. Imagine Dragons “Radioactive”

Another medium-paced song. No point maxing out early.

4. Rage Against the Machine “Renegades of Funk”

Now we are getting somewhere. From Rage’s 3rd and final album. All covers and all glorious.

5. Beastie Boys “So What’Cha Want”

RIP MCA and the Beasties. From “Check Your Head” the guys also filmed an iconic video for this one. Then again, is there a video they shot that wasn’t iconic.

6. The Who “Eminence Front”

From a classic sound to a straight up classic and with the association with “CSI” you’ll picture yourself as a red-headed cop chasing criminals during your next jog. That’s motivation!

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7. Kanye West “Stronger”

Great song for lifting.

8. Green Day “American Idiot”

Straight-up, faced-paced punk to keep you going. And they are Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame members.

9. Red Hot Chili Peppers “Can’t Stop”

Good mantra to have feeding into your brain during a workout.

10. DJ Khaled “All I Do Is Win”

More of that positive reinforcement.

11. The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army”

This is a song that could build an empire let alone have your build your body into the temple that you know it is.

12. Eminem “Lose Yourself”

From B. Rabbit to your ears. A song about overcoming the odds of getting off your couch.

You can also follow and play the entire playlist here and take it to Planet Fitness to enjoy as you work on that Summer body.

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