Fights and Finals

First thing’s first, thanks to everyone for their kind words about the fight.  It was certainly a fun one, and I am glad that it was entertaining, grateful for the bonus, etc.  But at the end of the day I am now 2-4 in the UFC with my future in the organization very much in doubt.

I can’t stop going back over the sequence in the first round when I knocked him silly, and tried to finish it.  Massive credit to Bosse for fighting through that.  I’ll probably have nightmares about not getting the fight stopped right then and there.  Maybe if I remained standing and rained down some heavy blows to him on the ground instead of following him down I would have finished him.  Maybe if I had focused more on wrestling and control on the ground instead of just trying to knock his face off I would have scored the finish.  Lots of questions, but ultimately, he won a decision.

It doesn’t matter much that the decisions were semi-questionable in my two fights that went the distance.  My style lends itself to taking damage.  Having a bloody face and looking tired makes judges score the fight for your opponent.  It’s frustrating but it’s reality.  I am still trying to get on the Salt Lake City card, although early indications are that the UFC would rather I rest up and recover.  My face is swollen, as are my hands, and I punched the skin right off of my knuckles, but in a week or two that will be fine.  I could fight again today if they let me.  I would prefer that, because 2-4 is an awful record, no matter how you look at it.

My fight career is starting to look way too much like my college football career.  Yes, I am very happy that I am doing it, but I want to win.  The consolation prize of “yeah but you were really tough and fun to watch” is just not good enough.  I want to have some positive accomplishments at the highest level to look back on whenever this ride is over.  2-4 sucks. 2-4 is like getting one year in the NFL and running down on special teams a few times, but not REALLY getting a taste of what it’s all about.   Nobody wants to hear “yeah but they were controversial decisions”.  Nobody cares.  Those are excuses.  I am not one to make them.

Time passes in sports, and nobody cares anymore HOW you lost.  It only matters THAT you lost.  I understand that more than anybody, because I am sometimes guilty of over-simplifying everything when I criticize guys or gals on my radio show.  Results are what matter, and as frustrating as dubious desions are, the results speak for themselves.  I should have finished the fight in the first round, called for a fight in Salt Lake, sold some copies of my book, and wished my Dad and Grandfathers a very happy Father’s Day.  That was the plan.  but it didn’t go that way.

I feel it’s also important to point out, because of local biases (that thankfully favor me on my own social media feeds)  this wasn’t a robbery, it was a very close fight,  one that I felt I won, but in his home country I was not shocked to see it go his way. Bosse is tough as nails and earned my total respect after that performance.  Had he been on the losing end, I’m sure his supporters would feel the same way I do today.  Maybe I can talk him into a rematch in 7 weeks in Salt Lake City.

I am grateful to have a regular job to come back to today.  Lots to talk about with the Cavs completing their comeback to win the NBA Finals. Lebron making good on his promise to hometown Cleveland is one of the greatest sports stories ever.  EVER.  Him forcibly silencing his doubters (a group that has included me at certain times) is one of the greatest sports stories EVER.  Overcoming the odds and beating a Warriors team that at times look simply destined only adds to the intrigue of a truly remarkable NBA postseason.   I am excited to talk about all of these things on the show today, and moving forward.

Make your life what you want to make of it.  Win or lose, it’s on you.  I need to start winning.  Lebron followed his own path and got it done for his hometown.  Hopefully I can do the same in 7 weeks.



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