NBA Rankers and Tankers

Here’s your rankings for this week, the second to last in the NBA. NBA standings are strange at this point, because some teams like the Bucks are already thinking about sitting players to rest up ahead of the playoffs. You’ll continue to see that come more into play over the next, and final week of the NBA season. The Jazz move back into the top 5 of the rankers, having won 10 of 11, even if the wins are coming over the worst teams in the NBA. The Jazz are playing good basketball, and whether that’s against good or bad teams, they’re gaining momentum and confidence, and that should carry into the first round of the playoffs.


  1. Bucks (58-20) Lock up home court advantage with next win
  2. Warriors (53-24) 1st in the West, won 7 of 10
  3. Rockets (50-28) 4th in West, wo 8 of 10, won 3 straight
  4. Jazz (47-30) 5th in the West, won 10 of 11, won 5 straight
  5. Raptors (55-23) Will finish no worse than 2nd in East


  1. Knicks (15-62) Worst record in the NBA, lost 8 of 10
  2. Cavaliers (19-59) 2nd worst record in the East, lost 6 straight
  3. Bulls (21-57) 3rd worst in East, Lost 5 straight
  4. Suns (18-60) Worst in the West, second worst in the NBA
  5. Mavericks (31-46) 2nd worst in the NBA, 4-6 in their last 10
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