Serious Analysis: Game 1 – Jazz-Thunder

The lighter side of Game One between Jazz-Thunder.

Let’s start with the single most important factor in this matchup, adjudicating Game One fashion. Stars rise to the moment when it comes to the Arena Carpet. This is a case for the Fashion Police.

Rule of thumb: If you’re going to wear a suit, wear a suit. It needs a shirt, unless you’re about to go down a slip-and-slid stomach first. Not in mid 50 degree weather in Oklahoma City.

Donovan Mitchell‘s sizzling 27 points in his playoff debut, plus the maroon suit make it a rout over the reigning MVP. If Russ dealt out two more helpers for a triple-double, I might be more generous. Spider’s business attire, definitely beats his casual-wear.

A sneaky good matchup for Game Two – Battle of the Hair Icons – Ricky Rubio vs. Steven Adams.

Sideline edition!

Wonderful vintage look for Dennis Scott. If he didn’t have the pocket square, I’d be chiding him for the length of his tie.

Face of the Game

You know it’s a good face if it looks like you smelled something bad.

Best of Twitter

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