Utah football adds to their 2019 commit list

Luke Felix-Fualalo committed to the Utes late last week.

Fualalo becomes just the second commit for the Utes’ 2019 class. He’s a right tackle who’s already 6’7″ and 300lbs. Mater Dei high school is a perennial powerhouse in southern California that was lead by future USC quarterback JT Daniels. Mater Dei utilizes a true spread offense which requires wide splits from it’s offensive linemen. That’s why college scouts have fallen in love with Fualalo. The footwork required with that much space in between the guard and tackle is difficult to master. Typically the splits between the offensive linemen are 1-2 feet. At Mater Dei you can see that they have 5 foot splits or more at times. This provides wider passing lanes for the QB but also makes it so the pass protection can be defeated by twists and stunts form the defensive linemen. Fualalo does a nice job of staying balanced and using proper technique.

You can watch Fualalo’s highlights here.

The Utes now have two commits for the 2019 class.



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