Utah football enters the 3rd quarter of the offseason

Kyle Whittingham separates the off season into four quarters to better help compartmentalize things for the athletes in the program. The winter conditioning program starts less than a month after the actual football season ends so typically you’re still dealing with athletes who need to recover from the rigors of the regular season. Guys are also trying to gain some weight back after the season. This means the workouts are more about gaining size and strength in the first quarter.

Spring ball starts the second quarter and is where the majority of jobs are won and lost in college football. That’s why the second quarter becomes the most valuable part of the off season.

After spring ball the team gets a month off to go home and recover. The third quarter which begins this week for Utah is the hardest segment of the off season workouts. Utah starts their conditioning program after every weightlifting session. Guys are working out as hard as humanly possible during this period.

Then the players enter the fourth quarter which is fall camp. Several weeks of around the clock football. The wake up call comes early in the morning and you either have meetings, practice or weightlifting throughout the rest of the day. It becomes more of a mental grind than anything else. Your body is fatigued but you get used to it. The hours in the football building start to wear on you. The goal of playing an actual football game becomes the only thing keeping you going.

Then the season rolls around and it all becomes worth it. College football games are incredibly difficult and taxing on your body. The best part is after winning a game you know you defeated the will of your opponent…..and going to awesome parties with hot chicks.


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