Weight Cutting Day.

I already posted about the new weigh-in procedures put in place for UFC events, but today is the day that I will actually be cutting to get myself down to the required weight.  That means a workout in a plastic suit to get the sweating started.  Thankfully (and somewhat suprisingly) it’s hot enough here in Ottawa that I might be able to do some of that work outside and at least have fresh air.  After 90 minutes or so of heavy sweating I will let my body reset and relax, maybe watch the NBA Finals before heading down to the dry sauna and sweating it out some more.  After that it should just be a brief push in the morning to get the last 2 or 3 pounds out if necessary.  Not a pleasant regimen by any means, but part of fighter life.  There are smaller guys cutting just as much as I am, and leaner guys trying to suck even more, so I have it relatively easy in comparison.  The key is recovering properly and getting the right amount of food and water back into your body so you don’t feel sluggish on fight night.  Since weigh-ins are early, and my fight is late, it’s reasonable to think that I’ll have 36 hours of “recharging” time rather than the typical 24-30.  This should make a pretty big difference.  I haven’t checked my “starting weight” yet today because the first sweat won’t come until later this afternoon, but I am still hydrated and feeling good, and I ate a light breakfast, which I’m hoping will give my body more energy to make it through the tedious cutting part.  I’ll post a picture of the weight with some before and after shots so you can see how creepy i look all sucked out and dry.

The overall weight-cutting process is just a metaphor for fighting in general, and on a larger scale LIFE.  You have to suffer through the unpleasant hard part if you want a chance to succeed at the fun part.  Preparation is difficult, and performing after that prep is not much easier, but you do what you can.


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