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Pre-game Thoughts: Utah Jazz vs Memphis Grizzlies 4-10-15

Coming down to the final stretch, the Utah Jazz are approaching their final four games for remainder of the season:

The Jazz will take on the Memphis Grizzlies (53-25) tonight at EnergySolutions Arena, then play a back to back in Portland against the Trailblazers (51-28) Friday night.

Returning home on Monday, the Jazz will play the Dallas Mavericks (53-25) and their final game will be on Wednesday in Houston, vs the Rockets (53-26).

Today after shoot-around, Quin Snyder said that they will continue to approach each game as they present themselves, and then go from there.

“I don’t know when the last time was we played four playoff teams in a row, but my guess is it didn’t go so good. Obviously this is a different time of year and I think we’re a better team than we were then, but again, you can fall into that whole line of reasoning and it all has to do with expectations and perception and whatever is going on in the moment. Some of it’s fueled by injuries…there’s so many components that go into it, but I like what we’ve done this year. I feel good about the fact that we’ve gotten better,” said Snyder.

Snyder has said that reducing Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors minutes in past games has just been to be cautious. This has also allowed other players more opportunity on the court.

“I think we need to approach every game that way and take it game by game and see where it takes us. Certainly that’s why we’re playing four more games,” said Snyder.

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