11 Things You Must Do On a Cruise

If going on a cruise isn’t on your bucketlist you probably not really living. While we weather the depths of Winter this January there is some light that can be looked forward to. Spring is up next and warm weather is just around the corner. Now is the best time to buy tickets for a cruise and have something to look forward next season.

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While you figure out where you want to go on your next cruise here’s a list of things to do while your at sea.

1. Hang Out Poolside


This is to be expected. Pack as many bathing suits as will fit in your luggage.

2. See a Show

Many cruise lines have talented casts that rival Broadway. You might as well take advantage of the tickets that have most likely already been paid for in your ticket fare.

3. Skydive

Photo: CK Leung

Photo: CK Leung

Indoor skydiving is a blast. Many ships have facilities that allow you to experience the feeling of falling from the sky at 125 mph without ever leaving the ship.

4. Surf/Bodyboard

Man ride a surfing board on FlowRider

We’ve all seen these. Take a moment to ride the perfect wave while at sea.

5. Drink

One of the greatest places to drink is on a boat where you don’t have to worry about who’s driving you home. Go crazy!

6. Fine Dining

Many cruise lines have specials deals and promotions with celebrity chefs that allow cruise patrons to experience fine dinging without having to break the bank.

7. Mini Golf

Putt-putt until you can putt-putt no more.

8. Stay Fit

Photo: Prayitno

Photo: Prayitno

With all the great food you’ll be eating you’ll probably want to stay in shape so you look great poolside. Cruise ships always have great workout rooms that will allow you stay fit.

9. Rock Climb

Climbing Wall On Cruiseship

Rock climbing and falling in to a pool of water can only be done a few places – a cruise ship is one of those places.

10. See a Movie

Photo: Luc

Photo: Luc

With all this time at sea one of the best ways to pass the time is seeing a movie.

11. Watch a Sunset

You won’t ever have the chance to see a sunset with only the sky on your horizon unless you’re in the middle of the ocean. Sunsets are something special with only the sea around you.

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