It’s National Cheeseburger Day!

How do you like them…cheeseburgers?

In our new world of random, made-up holidays why not make them tastier? According to Finlandia Cheese (possible nemesis of our own Cache Valley Cheese) polled 2,000 Americans on their preferred lactose tolerated burger topping. For the 1/3 of us who don’t like cheese on their burgers, don’t gag too hard. I suppose it’s no surprise that Americans overall prefer American Cheese, but who is ordering Havarti on their burger? Really, I want to know who’s doing this, so I never run into one of these twisted individuals.


In addition to that breakdown, the Western side of the country prefers cheddar while New York likes pepper jack. Apparently, Gouda is the way to a man’s heart, as they enjoy it twice as much as women do.

For you cheese needs you can find out more at Finlandia’s website.

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