Top 3 Most insane sports records held by Utahans

Top 4 Most insane sports records held by Utahans

  1. Most Assists in an NBA Career

What in Utah is considered the ultimate sports dream team in the state’s history, it turns out the numbers don’t lie. With a counted 15,806 assists the popular quote “Stockton to Malone” really starts to make sense.

Athlete: John Stockton
Record: 15,806 assists

  1. Top fast-pitch softball hurl

Ready for a real interesting fact. Not only was he one of Utah’s most successful businessmen but Larry H. Miller also held a Country wide record back in the 70s.

Athlete: Larry H. Miller

Record: Fastest softball hurl

3. Biggest Skydiving head-down formation world record.

We want to congratulate Dusty Hanks and Gunnar Jeannette who participated in this insane event. Which included 108 skydivers pulled into a quite beautiful 7 point star formation.

Athlete: Dusty Hanks and Gunnar Jeannette

Record: Biggest heads down sky dive formation.

With so many awesome athletes I can’t wait to see who will be next to make the record books.

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