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Former Jazzmen Getting Paid in First Day of NBA Free Agency

As it stands right now, there are at least 6 players that have previously worn a Utah Jazz Uniform at sometime in their career that are currently Free Agents in the NBA.  Paul Millsap, DeMarre Carroll, Enes Kanter, Wesley Matthews, Carlos Boozer and Mo Williams.  There are more than 6 but I am going to highlight the top 6 former Jazzmen in Free Agency.  Two guys were signed on the first day.

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Paul Millsap had a big decision to make as the Orlando Magic and the Atlanta Hawks both offered the former second round pick a 4-year $80 Million deal.  Millsap settled on a 3-year $59 Million deal to remain with the Atlanta Hawks.

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Now the big shocker was former 29th pick of the 2007 draft, DeMarre Carroll, who played 46 games for the Utah Jazz in two seasons, received a big payday.  He will be heading up north to Toronto and will sign a 4-year $60 Million deal with the Raptors.  Carroll averaged almost 5 points per game in his first season with the Jazz in 2011 and 6 PPG in 2012.  After having a career year this past season averaging 12.6 PPG for the East leading Hawks, the Raptors couldn’t pass up on him.  Great guy, I am happy for him but was also a little surprised with that deal but it looks like the entire Free Agency period in the NBA will be that way.

Now the players that are still to sign deals.

Enes Kanter – Oklahoma City will have a opportunity to match any offer that another team offers the former #3 pick four years ago.  Sounds like New York, Portland and Dallas are interested in speaking with Kanter.

Wesley Matthews – Wes has made it clear that he deserves to make $15 Million a year in this league.  I am not sure he is at that level.  He definitely has earned at least $10 Million.  Looks like the Sacramento Kings are aggressively pursuing the former undrafted free agent.  They could offer Matthews that huge contract that he desires.  Especially now that the Kings are out of the Monta Ellis sweepstakes since he signed with Indiana.  Dallas is another team that is interested in his services.

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Carlos Boozer – We all know that Carlos will never be the player that he use to be when he was in Salt Lake City but he could be a good addition coming off the bench.  Jeff Goodman with ESPN is reporting that Boozer is receiving interest from the Spurs, Lakers, Clippers and Heat.

Image By: Keith Allison

Mo Williams – Looks like the former 2nd round pick (47th Overall) will be heading to Memphis on either a 3 or 4 year deal.  That would be a great pickup for the Grizzlies because they need a solid backup PG to Conley and Williams can be just that.

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