Utah Football Camp Notes — Day 4

The quarterbacks and receivers connect better, and the defensive line has a strong day in the beginning of week two.

The Utes are progressing in the beginning of week two of fall camp. The defense outperformed the offense in the media observation period of Day 4 on Monday (but it wasn’t comically overwhelming like it was in spring practice).

The defensive line is unbelievable. The coaching staff recognizes that, and is doing everything they can to highlight and use that this upcoming season, as mentioned by defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley when he talked with Sean O’Connell.

What will be encouraging for the Utes is that the offensive line is competing with the defense on a high level every play. There were a couple of sacks today, but the offense remained competitive. The DL stuffed the rushing attack up the middle on several plays, creating a challenge for the experiment of the interior offensive line.

Also, Leki Fotu is a true freshman, and looks like a monster on the defensive line.

To counter the wall up front, the offense ran several sweeps to both sides, and was successful in large part.

Another thing that stuck out was the ability of the quarterbacks to get the ball to tall receivers up high, and the ability of those receivers and tight ends to go catch it high. Caleb Repp, Tyrone Smith, Evan Moeai, Tim Patrick, and Harrison Handley all had notable catches above the shoulders in traffic.  Patrick followed up his catch by pounding nickelback Boobie Hobbs, prompting a roar from his offensive teammates.

Brandon Cox also hit Joe Williams on a wheel route up the right side, several yards beyond transitioning linebacker Evan Eggiman.

The Utes are very physical and energetic four days into camp, with mostly no pads.

Further evaluation by Brian Swinney here.

Kyle Whittingham

QB Troy Williams

RB Joe Williams

DC Morgan Scalley

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