Utes Have Great Day 4 Practice

I thought the quarterbacks had a good day from what we saw, especially Williams and Huntley. Cox was good too and had a nice throw over a blitzing Hobbs to Repp. The guys were accurate, on point, and all looked poised. One rep that stood out to me was Williams taking the snap, looking left, not seeing anything, coming back to the right and immediately making the decision to throw to an open receiver. Huntley also had a good throw that made the media go with the old ‘oooohhhhh’ where he lasered one over the middle for a catch. Overall they all did a good job of avoiding the pass rush and everyone is better at scrmabling than we’ve seen in a starter over the past four years.

A few drops out there today, but not many. Chad Hekking is having trouble holding on to the ball. No one really stood out for the receivers because the quarterbacks were so on point and were spreading the ball around to everyone.

Saw a great catch by Joe Williams and Zack Moss was solid. McCormick was having trouble getting outside and wasn’t picking up much yardage and same with Henry-Cole. Give credit to the defense for great pursuit.

Your offensive line looks set. From left to right: Bolles, Asiata, Dielman, Uhatafe, Tevi. I’ll put it at 99% that those are your starters for SUU if there are not injuries. They looked solid today. Bolles ate up Pita a few times. The second team OL struggled a bit against a mostly freshman DL.

Leki Fotu is getting the 2nd team DT reps. He’s not as quick off the snap as you’d hope and is still learning, but is a handful when he engages someone. Lowell was a monster inside with the reps we saw.

Luafatasaga and Tauteoli are going to be your LB starters. Really no question at this point. Tauteoli had some big plays and came all the way across the field for a big tackle on McCormick.

A lot of locking down by the corners today which resulted in the QBs needing to scramble. Boobie did get punked on one play though.

Hansen played up in the box a lot today. Not many plays that the safeties had to make overall.

One downside- too many fumbles today

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