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Final Four Should be Quite the Success!

Dave Gore gives his thoughts on the Final Four…

It’s a big weekend coming up in the sports world, most namely the Final Four, with Michigan State playing Duke followed by Wisconsin and 38-0 Kentucky on Saturday afternoon into the evening. Will any team remaining knock the Wildcats off of its perch or is Kentucky destined to be the first 40-0 college basketball? Wisconsin is formidable, obviously, or the Badgers wouldn’t be in the Final Four. And it’s been said many times that if any team could do it, Wisconsin and Arizona were the two favorites. But, what about the other side of the bracket? The Spartans and Blue Devils shouldn’t be taken lightly. Both teams have had great formulas for success and just because Michigan State is a 7 seed, doesn’t mean the Spartans aren’t a powerhouse in college basketball.

Tom Izzo for all his success, still might be overshadowed, because when Coach K and John Calipari are in town, they tend to steal the spotlight a little bit, but a win on Saturday thrusts Izzo into the spotlight unlike any other year he’s been a part of the tournament. I’m sure Izzo doesn’t mind being overshadowed, but let’s be honest, every team remaining is under a microscope. Thousands of people gathered at Lucas Oil Stadium just to see teams practice. That’s devotion, with a side of craziness. It’s also probably a lot of peoples’ one and only time to see the Final Four live, so I say why not live it up, right?!

Storylines galore in this game though. If MSU makes it, what a run by a seven seed, much like last season with UCONN being a seven seed and the Wildcats with an 8 seed. Speaking of the Wildcats, if they win it all, you already know the big storyline surrounding 40-0. Bo Ryan has never won a Championship, looking for his first crack at it with a huge test against UK. Then there’s Coach K, already the winningest coach in college basketball and think of all the storylines alone if it’s Duke vs. Kentucky. Oh boy, what a weekend ahead of us.

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