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MLB All-Star game proves to be Big Winner, yet again!



So as a casual or hardcore baseball fan, you saw what the best of the best brought in the 86th MLB All-Star game. It wasn’t really a close match up, as the AL All-Stars beat the NL All-Stars 6-3 and thus earned home field advantage in the World Series, in the ever infamous “This time it counts” mid-summer classic. As polarizing of a phrase as it is, the “this time it counts” works if you really think about it though and the ratings prove that as well, as the ASG is expected to blow away any competitors when it comes viewership.

The MLB All-Star game is the best of all the professional All-Star games and maybe you didn’t need a game to dictate the outcome of the World Series, but it didn’t hurt. However, remember back in 2002 when the NL and AL tied in the All-Star game? Nobody liked that! It was because both All-Star managers ran out of players to use in the 11 inning affair. A bit of mismanagement, so former commissioner Bud Selig, (who was also a former owner of the Milwaukee Brewers, host team to the 2002 All-Star game) decided it was time to avoid another debacle like 2002 and institute the “this time it counts” All-Star game. Every year since, it’s been nothing but a debate on whether to keep the All-Star game the same, but there’s always been the enticement of wanting to watch and see what happens too. So let’s just agree to disagree, but probably agree, that the “this time it counts” game won’t be going away anytime soon.

The Home Run Derby certainly helped its cause as well with the new format, having eight competitors battle it out, round robin style. It also didn’t hurt that fan favorite and Cincinnati Reds start Todd Frazier won the derby and doing so in dramatic fashion, in front of a sold out Great American Ballpark crowd.

So whether you hate or love the All-Star game and the festivities that come with it, one thing is for sure, there’s nothing like suspense and meaning in sports. The current MLB All-Star game offers both!

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