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Ronda Rousey Jinxes Her Own Fight

If you haven’t noticed the hype around Ronda Rousey this past year then you must be living under a rock. The girl was 6-0 and held the title for almost three years before getting rocked last Saturday night in UFC193. Rousey has appeared on numerous talks shows and even in movies (Furious 7).

However, 6 weeks ago Ronda Rousey jinxed herself when she appeared on Jimmy Fallon. She predicted how Holly Holm would win then added, “but it’s not gonna go like that.” Uh, it went exactly like that.

The 19 time world boxing champion from New Mexico KO’d Rousey in the second round exactly how it was predicted.

If you like Rousey, what do you think is  next for her? How will she come back?

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