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Warriors Crown King, Crowned New Kings

Keith Allison

Many of us thought LeBron James and his Cavs would be desperate.  Their collective will would not allow the Warriors tp celebrate a World Championship on Cleveland’s home court.  Too bad these Cavs had hit that unforgiving “wall of exhaustion” long before game 6.  So really from the King right on down through Delly, JR Smith (who finally started draining crazy threes in the last minute of the last game) Timofey and Iman, the point of exhaustion trumped any bump that desperation would provide.

This had the makings of a great NBA Finals until the MVP of the World Cup, the greatly overshadowed Kyrie Irving pushed his body and ailing knee beyond the breaking point.  A cracked knee cap was the final straw that broke Cleveland’s will.  There’s no doubt Steve Kerr had the better roster (I laugh out loud now when I think of Kerr weighing offers from the Warriors and…the Knicks! Really??  Seems sublimely humorous now, doesn’t it?) and over the first 3 games ,capped off by that “Delly-erioius” effort in Game 3,  Cleveland threw everything that gutsy group (backed up by that believing community) had.  Golden State, as most of the real NBA insiders predicted, had too much.

The Steph part of the Splash Brothers got better as the series played on.  In the end, the NBA MVP could’ve been the Finals MVP too. Instead that award went to journeyman Andre Iguodala.  The first Finals MVP that didn’t start each game of the Finals.  He needed another huge game to convince voters he deserved the MVP over Steph and even LeBron James and “Iggy” delivered.  25 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists in Game 6.  Still, Iguodala’s surprise MVP award was more about the piece he provided. A much-needed 3rd threat that made the Warriors harder to guard and forced the Cavs to play an even more uncomfortable game.  “Small-ball”.  Chasing the jump-shooting, transition-gaming kids up and down the floor.  When Kerr went small it negated one of Cleveland’s main weapons, and areas of advantage. At the 5-spot.  Timofey Mozgov stepped out in these Finals, giving King James reason to look forward to the coming seasons in Cleveland. Sure he’ll likely have Kyrie and KLove back, healthy but the Cavs search for a starting center is over.  The truly ironic part of that revelation is that Mozgov’s biggest game in these Finals, 28 points, 10 rebounds was also the game when the Cavs lost by the most points.

All Hail the conquering Warriors for the rest of the off-season and until someone beats them in next season’s playoffs.

The Bay Area’s first NBA Title in 40 years may just be the first of multiple titles, the team is built to last course life goes on in LeBron’s world.  The Cavs already installed in Vegas as favorites to win the 2015-2016 NBA Crown.

kerr celebrates

What odds did Vegas give that Kerr would choose Golden State over Phil’s NY Knicks??  More Belly laughs!



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