18 Celebrities You Forget Were in These OLD Commercials

1. Ben Affleck in a Burger King commercial:

2. Matt LeBlanc in a Heinz commercial:

3. Steve Carell in a Brown’s Chicken commercial:

4. Bryan Cranston in a Shield Soap commercial:

5. Mila Kunis in a Lisa Frank commercial:

6. Jack Black in a Pitfall commercial:

7. Nick Swardson in a Barq’s Root Beer commercial:

8. Naomi Watts in a Tampax commercial:

9. Stanley Tucci in a Levis commercial:

10. Brad Pitt in a Pringles commercial:

11. Seth Green in a Nerf commercial:

12. Jason Bateman in a Golden Grahams Commercial:

13. Elijah Wood in a cheese commercial:

14. Kristen Stewart in a Porsche commercial:

15. Stephen Colbert in a FirsTier Bank commercial:

16. Britney Spears in a Maull’s Barbecue Sauce commercial:

17. Keanu Reeves in a Coke commercial:

18. Lindsay Lohan in a Jell-O commercial:

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