Andy Ludwig is back!

Andy Ludwig will be Utah’s next offensive coordinator. Utah also considered Steve Sarkisain, Dr Robert Anae and Jim Harding. Hiring Andy Ludwig is a great move for the Utes. Ludwig is the type of guy that will adapt to what the players are comfortable with. He will change as little of the terminology as possible from the previous years. The Utes will have an offensive identity. The Utes will run the ball with power plays and throw the ball deep with play action. Zack Moss will average 30 carries and Tyler Huntley will be given less of an opportunity to scramble. Keeping Tyler Huntley healthy should be the top priority for the 2019 Utah offense. Whittingham and Ludwig get along great and agree with each other’s offensive philosophies. It is a great fit on all sides with the Utes and Ludwig.

The last time Ludwig was at Utah, this happened.

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