NBA Playoffs Conference Semis: Big Time Performances from Big Time Players



So can we all just say this has been the best NBA Playoffs ever?! Okay. I won’t get all crazy and fully admit that’s the truth, but this has surely been an entertaining second round of the playoffs. The first round of the playoffs was not as advertised, with only three “good” series, but it’s nice to say that every series has been entertaining in the second round, with all series guaranteed for at least six games. The Cavs and Clippers are up in their respective series’ 3-2, while a pair of game 5’s tonight have some real intrigue, as the Wizards-Hawks and Grizzlies-Warriors are all squared at 2 games apiece.

How about both number one seeds showing why they are number one seeds… with Golden State and Atlanta up against the ropes, in must win situations in their respective game 4’s, both teams had to win on the other opponents home court to turn this back into a series.

At 3-1, the series isn’t over, but let’s be real, that’s a near death sentence in NBA terms and these two number one seeds knew it! Fitting it was the NBA MVP Steph Curry for the Warriors and arguably the Hawks team MVP in Jeff Teague, stepping up to the plate. Curry and Teague played out of their heads, much like James Harden did for the Rockets in their game 5 victory vs. the Clippers, putting up a triple double. Also, insert LeBron into this category, doing what he does best, scoring 38 points and adding a huge momentum play on defense, blocking Derrick Rose’s shot in the final minute of Cleveland’s game 5 win over Chicago. Curry and Teague did it in game 4 with their backs against the wall, how will these two respond in game 5?!

It has also come out through multiple reports that Tony Allen might not play for the Grizzlies tonight vs. Golden State, as Allen has a sore left hamstring. So now Memphis possibly has the situation of playing without their best defender, where in the other series tonight, you may see the return of John Wall for the Wizards. Wall has missed the last three games vs. Atlanta, after suffering five non-displaced fractures in his left wrist and hand. The Washington PG is set to be a game-time decision, according to multiple reports.

Should be an exciting push to the finish, which keep in mind, still has two more rounds to go.

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