Britain Covey getting back in shape

Britain Covey is just five pounds under his goal weight for the season. He’s at 168lbs at the moment. He got back from his mission at around 150 pounds. The young man has spent the last few months working hard to gain size and muscle back. Covey looked fast in day one of fall camp but more importantly he seemed to be excited to get back to actual football. It appears he missed the physicality of football which is a great sign for a guy who’s been living a very different life the last few years. Britain Covey may take a few weeks to get himself back in shape but I wouldn’t be surprised if he leads the Utes in receptions week one vs Weber state.



Tyler Huntley made some amazing plays with his legs a year ago but this play really caught my eye. Huntley’s abilities as a runner need to be used more sparingly this year. Even though he’s gained some size the Utes still can’t afford to lose him for as many games as he was lost in 2017.

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