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Due or Die for the Mets in Game 3 of the Fall Classic!

Chris Kim

What will it take for the Mets to send this series back to KC for Game 6? Aside from the obvious winning of two games! Well, getting under the skin of Yordano Ventura might do it. Much like Johnny Cueto, Ventura is a spirited individual and a young guy who needs to keep himself in check at times. Especially, on the road. So far in the postseason, Ventura has started 4 games and is 0-1, giving up a total of 10 runs in just 17 2/3 innings. The good thing for Ventura, if he runs into trouble, is the fact that Kansas City’s bullpen is fresh and ready to go after Cueto pitched a two hit shutout in game 2.
A much needed boost for any team, but when game 1 went 14 innings, it made me think what the repercussions there would be for both teams. As I stated, game 2 changed that for KC, but New York still had to use their relied earlier than wanted, after Jacob deGrom only went 5 innings, giving up 4 of the 7 total Kansas City runs. Now its Noah Syndergaard’s turn and he’ll have the home crowd with him ready to root on their Mets. Syndergaard has a little more success than Ventura does coming into this game. In 3 games, two of them being starts, Syndergaard has a 1-1 record, but his ERA is a great at 2.77.
Again though, this was the same situation for the Mets in game 2 vs. Cueto and he threw a 2 hit complete game shutout, so even though I’m confident in what Syndergaard can bring to the table, it doesn’t always translate as deGrom found out as well.
The Royals, simply put, just put balls into play and make it tougher for the Mets defense. In the 2 games so far, Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom had 4 strikeouts each. During the season, both pitchers were up around 7 strikeouts/game. Three extra K’s doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but that’s 3 extra chances to put that ball in play, rather than going back to the dugout after a called 3rd strike. In game 2, the Royals had 10 hits, with 7 of them being singles. Hence, my point of them just putting the ball into play and working count.
With that all being said, I think the Mets cut the series lead in half tonight, but they’ll have to score at least 4 runs to do it. Syndergaard will give up quite a few hits and if his location isn’t right, the Royals will punish him and the Mets, looking to put this series out of reach with 3rd win in as many World Series games. We all know how that will turn out if this series go 3-0 in favor KC… It means break out the champagne American League Champ!

Featured Image by: Chris Kim

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