Jazz crushed by Rockets in game two

For Jazz fans who felt it couldn’t get much worse than the team’s performance in game one against the Houston Rockets, game two couldn’t be have been a welcome experience, as the Jazz were once again crushed by a far superior team.

James Harden finished with a triple double, contributing 32 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists, and as he did in game one, appeared totally unfazed by a Jazz defensive scheme that is designed to limit Harden’s effectiveness. Harden had 17/4/4 after the first quarter, and the Rockets had the 20 point that would mirror the final score, 118-98.

Like the defense, the offense once agains struggled, as the Jazz failed to hit open shots, shooting below 40% (39%) from the floor, and below 30% (21%) from the three point line for the second consecutive outing. Donovan Mitchell was particularly stymied, as he was held to 11 points on 5-19 shooting, and 1-8 from the three point line.

The Jazz return to Salt Lake City to host Houston in game three on Wednesday night, which will be a must win for the Jazz if they hope to extend the series.

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