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12–Jazz, so in love with Myles Turner, taken just before by Indiana at 11, so Jazz they grabbed the next available kid who could grow to be what they wanted in Turner. The 3rd Kentucky bigman to go in the top 12, Trey Lyles. I’ve heard the reviews ‘not great at any one thing but can do many things well’.  I’m a bit worried for Jazz fans (and media) who are gushing over this pick. Jazz clearly need shooters to make Coach Snyder’s system sing!  Passed on Devin Booker (Suns happily took Booker next pick)  and Sam Dekkar.  Lyles is not a great athlete, not a great shooter (except for an impressive 25-40 on corner 3’s that apparently happened during his closed door Jazz workout) , not a great defender. Jazz GM Lindsey “he’s got Jazz DNA”  but also not great handles.  Well the last “Trey” the Jazz took in the lottery (just two years ago, Trey Burke at #9) is an accepted “no-go” as an NBA starting Pt guard.  Can he stay in Utah as a backup pt? IF Lyles proves to be the player the Jazz think, he’ll help but my thinking is, they need shooters (have you seen top of the West lately? Warriors, Spurs, Rockets can all shoot like crazy!) and better find shooters in deals or free agency (Spurs’ Danny Green can maybe be had with San Anton focused on LMA and signing Kawhi. Maybe bring in Bonner too, cheap proven 3 pt maker)  Overpaying SA’s backup point guard Cory Joseph would be a wise and ultimately cost-effective move right now!

Jazz Press Conf #1

Matter of fact here’s the Jazz recent luck with #1’s.

2006 Ronnie Brewer 14th pick (bust),

2007 Morris Almond 25th pick (bust),

2008 Kosta Koufos  23d pick (cast away, now rotation player w/5th NBA team, Memphis)  

2009 Erik Maynor 20th pick traded, now with 5th NBA team (Sixers),

2010 Jazz BEST in years, Gordon Hayward 9th pick, now MAX $ player, legit NBA star.

2011, Enes Kanter 3rd pick (sent to OKC for spare parts) got nothing for this #3 pick! Alec Burks 14th pick, jury still out although has a chance to be a rotation player for along time!

2012, NO first round pick,

2013 Trey Burke #9 (got in trade with T’Wolves) BUST among those taken after Burke? CJ McCollum, Michael Carter-Williams, Steven Adams, Kelly Olynyk and the Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo. We could do “20-20 hindsight with just about every team and find misses but folks in Utah seem to forget this Burke debacle and it was just 2 years ago. RUDY GOBERT fleeced from Denver (took Frenchman 27th) makes up for a slew of bad picks and questionable evaluations! Tres Bien!!

2014 5th pick Dante Exum (too early to tell, has huge upside) Rodney Hood 23rd pick-I love this pick, steal that low. proving he can be one of the 4 or 5 three point shooters the Jazz will need to contend in the West!  Now they just need to get the other shooters!

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