Jazz preparing for game four against Rockets

The Jazz are down three games to zero against the Houston Rockets, and if you’ve followed the NBA at all, you know thats an insurmountable deficit. No team in NBA history has ever come back from losing the first three games of a best of seven series, and the Jazz will not be the first. The Rockets have dominated this series from the first game, through game three, even with James Harden struggling in Utah. Harden finished game three shooting 3-20, and the Jazz still couldn’t find a way to get a victory over Houston.

The difficult approach for the Jazz in game four is that their game plan in game three worked nearly to perfection, and the Jazz lost. At some point, within a series, adjustments won’t make much difference, and the Jazz may have reached that point in this series. The Jazz will have to rely on better shooting from their wing players to have a chance to keep the season alive for one more game.

The Jazz shot 4-26 on open shots Saturday night, just 15% against a Rockets team that seemed comfortable conceding open looks to a Jazz team that has just one player (Georges Niang) shooting better than 35% from the three point line.

Regardless of whether the Jazz season ends tonight, or later this week in Houston, the previous three games have likely set the Jazz up for a summer that should see major changes to the roster.

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