Kill the read option

Utah needs to run the football more in 2018. Football can be a complicated game at times but the solution for the Utes in 2018 is simple, keep the ball on the ground. To be specific, give the ball to Zack Moss and let him do the damage. When things get tough and Moss needs a break, give the ball to Armand Shyne. The last option on the ground for the Utes should be Tyler Huntley.

Utah relied too heavily on Tyler Huntley’s ability to run the ball in 2017. Those hits added up for the young QB and forced him out of action at several junctions during the season. Tyler Huntley needs to be used more sparingly in the read option game to allow him to stay on the field.

Zack Moss has more than 100 yards rushing 5 times in 2017. The Utes won 4 of those matchups with the lone exception being the USC game. 20 carries needs to be the goal for Zack Moss each and every game. Armand Shyne can handle a few carries but not too many that it will hinder the momentum for the premier back which should be Zack Moss.    

To make this transition Utah must go away from the read option run play. The read option only works if your QB is a running threat. Tyler Huntley is a true athletic freak but he is not immortal. Utah needs to protect Huntley from himself. 

Tyler Huntley proved this year that he has no fear running the ball which is why Utah needs to prevent him from calling his own number in the read option game. Huntley clearly wants to win and is willing to take the hits from linebackers if necessary. Huntley needs to adapt his game now that he is an upperclassman and make more plays with his arm in the passing game.

Zack Moss runs with violence and that fires up the offensive line. The group up front can start to build momentum throughout a game if they are allowed to use their strength. QB runs do not showcase an offensive line’s ability to get movement on the defensive line. QB runs allow you to be deceptive strategically. Offensive linemen don’t want to be deceptive, they want to mash skulls with the defensive line. Stop the gimmicks and run the football downhill. Let the big dogs eat and give the ball to Zack Moss.  


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