NBA Playoffs get Unexpected Teams Rising to the Occasion

As the first round of the NBA playoffs close out, at least we can say as a fan base that we’ve seen a couple good matchups, three in my mind. We all figured Spurs and Clippers would be a great series and it has been through five games, but how about the Nets and Bucks in the Eastern Conference?! I know it’s the Eastern Conference and nobody is giving the East side a chance to win the title, especially with Kevin Love out for the Cavs, but this is about the first round and inciting some excitement in an otherwise somewhat dull NBA Playoffs. Last year in the playoffs, 5 of the 8 first round series’ went seven games, where again you’ll be lucky to see 3 series go the distance. With that being said, you could still see no games that go seven. Clippers-Spurs seems like the most likely, but with a game 6 in San Antonio and the Clippers down 3-2, it’s a tall mountain to climb. Not saying it can’t be done, but when you’ve got championship pedigree like the Spurs do, it seems more than likely the Spurs end it in 6.

Then there’s the Nets who are tied with the Atlanta Hawks at 2 games apiece. Deron Williams has seemed to find the old form that Utah Jazz fans were used to seeing from the All-Star point guard and game 4 was nothing short of amazing for Williams. The Hawks are a resilient bunch though and won 60 games for a reason, so even though it seems like the Hawks are on the ropes, game 5 should really decide who will win this series and even with the heroics from Brooklyn, I still lean with Atlanta and most likely in every other series moving forward, up until the Eastern Conference Finals and that’s if the Cavs still make it that far without Kevin Love. I look at this series as a wake-up call for Atlanta.

Then there’s the Bucks, once down 3-0 to the Bulls only to see the Bucks get a buzzer beater in game 4 and steal a victory from Chicago in the Windy City. Now that’s what I call stepping up. Milwaukee of all teams in the NBA could’ve just faded into the distance without anybody really noticing, but a win in Game 6 at Milwaukee and all of a sudden the Bucks become a national darling, because unless you’re a Bulls fan, who wouldn’t want to see a series with the potential for history?! Me personally, I’m a huge fan of the underdog story, like most people, but of all the teams, I don’t think the 41-41 Bucks were at the top of the list in this scenario.


Featured Image by: Joseph Glorioso Photography

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