NBA Top 5 Trick Shots

By now, we’ve all seen Utah Jazz’s Trevor Booker’s jaw-dropping, no-look, shot-clock-beating, backwards-volleyball-set basket against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Whether a basketball fanatic or simply content knowing basketball is the sport with a basket involved, the trick shot was pretty insane and can be much appreciated by all. Definitely the craziest shot of the year thus far, we decided to pull a few other in-game NBA trick shots that have made some noise over the years.

In no particular order, get ready to be amazed:

1. Bucks vs Raptors – Zaza Pachulia:

2. Jazz vs Nuggets – Evan Fournier:

3. Kings vs Jazz – Kevin Martin:

4. Nuggets vs Kings – Sergio Rodriguez:

5. Heat vs Rockets – Chris Bosh:


And just in case you somehow don’t know what Trevor Booker shot we’re talking about or you want to marvel at it some more…

Have in any other trick shots in mind that we overlooked? Share them in the comments!


(Feature photo courtesy of: saltcityhoops)

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