NFL Top 5 Bottom 5

Every week on Gunther and I do the NFL Top Five Bottom Five, we break down the five best and five worst teams in the NFL. It’s not purely based on record, but injuries, momentum, and general feeling around the teams.

The playoffs are here, and all four teams with a bye week made it in the top five, however not every team making up the top five picks in the NFL draft filled out the bottom five.

With that said, here’s the final regular season edition of the Top Five Bottom five.

NFL Top 5

  1. Saints (13-3) lost to the Panthers 14 – 33 on a BYE this week L1
  2. Chiefs (12-4) beat the Raiders 35 – 3 on a BYE this week W1
  3. Rams (13-3) beat the 49ers 48-32 on a BYE week W2
  4. Patriots (11-5) beat the Jets 38-3 on a BYE this week W2
  5. Chargers (12-4) beat the Broncos 23-9 this week @ Ravens on Sunday

NFL Bottom 5

  1. Raiders (4-12) lost to the Chiefs 35-3 (4th pick in the NFL draft) L1
  2. Cardinals (3-13) lost to the Seahawks 27-24 (no. 1 pick) L4
  3. Jets (4-12) lost to the Patriots 38-3(3rd pick in the NFL draft) L3
  4. Bills (6-10) beat the Dolphins 42-17 (9th pick in the draft) W1
  5. Buccaneers (5-11) lost to the Falcons 34-32 (5th pick in the draft) L4

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