NFL Top Five Bottom Five

NFL Top Five Bottom Five:


  1. Saints (12-2) Beat Panthers 12-9 This week vs. Steelers on CBS Sunday (W2)

  2. Chargers (11-3) beat the Chiefs 29-28 This week vs. Ravens on Saturday NFL Net (W4)

  3. Chiefs (11-3) lost to the Chargers 29-28 This week @ Seahawks on SNF (L1)

  4. Bears (10-4) beat the Packers 24-17 This week @ 49ers on FOX Sunday (W2)

  5. Texans (10-4) beat the Jets 29-22 This week @ Eagles on CBS (W1)


  1. Raiders (3-11) lost to the Bengals 30-16 This week vs Broncos on MNF (L1)

  2. Cardinals (3-11) Lost to Falcons 40-14 This week vs. Rams on FOX (L2)

  3. Jaguars (4-10) Lost to Washington 16-13 This week @ Dolphins (L2)

  4. Jets (4-10) lost to the Texans 29-22 This week vs. Packers on FOX (L1)

  5. Panthers (6-8) Lost to Saints 12-9 This week vs. Falcons on FOX (L6)



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