Q and A With New Utah OC Troy Taylor

Going 1 on 1 with new Utah offensive coordinator Troy Taylor


1) What intrigued you most about the new opportunity at Utah?
TT- I’ve always had a fondness for Utah and an admiration for Kyle Whittingham. It’s a great fit for me and my family, and I think fit is one of the most important things when looking at a job. I felt very comfortable with Kyle and how we wanted to approach this. I’m excited to get to work.

2) What was the hiring process like?
TT- It happened pretty fast, but Kyle has been keeping tabs on me for awhile. I didn’t know him very well, but have had a relationship with his brother, Freddie, because I had coached his son at Folsom (CA) High School. It’s a great job, a stable program, and a great city.

3) What are your designs for the offense?
TT- Kyle wants me to do what I’ve done in the past; attack the field. We’re going to use the entire width of the field and be as dynamic as possible. It’s a user friendly offense, and that’s important for the quarterbacks as they go through their progressions. It’s complex, but easy to understand and pickup. I’ve been working on it for years.

4) Whittingham has emphasized a 50/50 run/pass split, but it still went heavily towards the run game. What’s your ideal run/pass split?
TT- Everyone wants balance, but I’ve been more pass than run, probably at a 60/40 split. That’s what I prefer, but if you can run it effectively, and Utah has, then run it. It’s all about attacking the defense though.

5) What are you first impressions of the offensive personnel at Utah?
TT- I watched the bowl game, and I’ll watch all of the games from the season as well. They’ve got a big, physical offensive line and speed outside. Utah always has good backs. The quarterbacks are very intriguing. I’ve worked with drop-back and dual-threat QBs and the system is adaptable to either, so both can be successful.

6) What’s the balance between fitting the personnel to the system and fitting the system to the personnel?
TT- We’ve been able to find that balance in the past. First you have to have a system that you believe in. Then you find out what each of your players do well. Then adjust it to utilize their strengths. You’ve got to be able to develop the players as well and continue to adapt.

7) Does the process of getting the right players into the system take a few years?
TT- Every team is going to be different. You get a feel for your personnel and then adjust the system into what you want. We’ve been able to get pretty quick results in the past regardless of personnel. The skill position guys, especially at wide receiver, have a lot of flexibility out there. But since there are changes as to what we’ll be doing, it will take a little bit of time.

8) How much have you looked at the quarterbacks? Will the quarterback competition be open in spring ball?
TT- My initial thought is that competition is great. It’s a new start and a new system for them, so we’ll let them battle it out and hopefully someone will emerge.

9) There’s been some confusion as to your role in play calling at Eastern Washington. Can you clarify what it was and who called the plays?
TT- We have a great staff and it was a collaborate effort, but they gave me the ability to do what I needed to do. I called every play.

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