Salute to David Letterman and his Final Top 10 List

Alex Proimos

Alex Proimos

It was a day of lists on the Bill and OC Show, Thursday afternoon. Bill and OC had lists, as well as regular contributing guest and friend of the program, Gordon Chiesa. Gordie had his baker’s dozen list in the four o’clock of the show. Since, it was David Letterman’s (the originator of the “List”) last show as the Late Show host on Wednesday night, here’s a tribute, to David Letterman and the List, with all of the lists from the Bill and OC Show Thursday and David Letterman’s Final Top Ten List:

Featured Image by: Alex Proimos

Bill’s Top 6 Free Agent PG’s:


OC’s Top 5 List of #12 draft picks in the NBA draft in honor of the Jazz getting #12 in draft lottery. Though there is some debate as to the modern era, but here it is:


Here’s Gordon Chiesa’s Baker’s Dozen of NBA players with the most assists in playoffs history:


And lastly, here’s David Letterman’s Final Top 10 List:



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