Say what? The 10 Worst #1 Songs of the Past Decade

First of all, If you like Flo Rida then you’ll hate this list!   Secondly, the worse song since Mambo #5 has got to be the Harlem Shake.  Come on, Gawker! has put out a ranking of all the #1 singles from the past decade. Here are the 10 songs that they tagged as THE WORST . . . It’s unclear who was the all-important person whose taste dictated this list . . . but one thing is for certain: They do NOT dig FLO RIDA.
1. “Bad Day”, Daniel Powter
2. “Whistle”, Flo Rida
3. “Harlem Shake”, Baauer
4. “Sexy and I Know It”, LMFAO
5. “Fireflies”, Owl City
6. “Right Round”, Flo Rida
7. “Happy”, Pharrell
8. “Rude”, Magic!
9. “Don’t Matter”, Akon
10. “Hey There Delilah”, Plain White T’s . . . This is the song that EVERY dude with a guitar was singing in his “American Idol” audition a while back.
Flo Rida’s only other #1, “Low”, was listed next . . . as the 11th worst. So with all three of his singles in the bottom 8%, he didn’t have the best showing.

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