The Gunther and Ben Utah vs NIU prediction

I predict the Utes will win 35-7 on the road against Northern Illinois. NIU will not be able to run the ball against this Utah defense. Utah’s defensive line will dominate the game. The question is how aggressive will the Utes get offensively? It makes sense to keep as much of the playbook hidden from Washington as possible. I would love to see Siaosi Mariner step up and prove that he has deep threat potential. Utah’s wide receivers showed more of an ability to get open last week vs Weber than they were given credit for because of the drops and a few bad throws from Tyler Huntley. Zack Moss will run wild against NIU Utah’s defense will give up next to nothing on the ground conversely.

Ben Anderson thinks the Utes will win 45-10. He is sitting right next to me at the moment and  he’s upset that most people think he’s my little brother because we clearly get along, but I look much taller and handsomer than him. My size definitely bothers him. If you ever meet Ben, bring this up to him.

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