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The Royals take the Mets and the World Series by Storm!!

 Aaron Vowels

Despite the entertaining nature of the World Series, it sure did end quickly. A 5 game series that saw the Kansas City Royals assert their dominance on the youngsters from Queens. A team that when the odds were stacked against them, and they pass with flying colors anyway, making comeback, after comeback, after comeback and made an entertaining series seem like it was one sided. It was one sided. Three blown saves by the Mets closer, Familia, mind you, he inherited runners in the ninth innings, but your closer is supposed to step up an knock those outs down, no matter the situation.
It was the Royals bats that showed the rest of the American League, let alone the National League that small ball is here to stay and there is a place for small ball in the American League. Case in point: Two straight World Series appearance and one World Series crown to a team that finally snapped their 30 year championship drought. I don’t know if I see things changing anytime soon for KC either. Not to say they’ll be winning championships, year in and year out, but this team could make a run in the AL for years to come.
The Mets were a worthy opponent, but you could see the difference is both teams. Kansas City seemed to thrive under pressure, while anytime New York was under the gun, the Royals were capitalizing on their mistakes, ala the San Francisco Giants of last season, during their NL Pennant run and their eventual championship. New York is also a team that should really make another push next season, whether the Mets win the division or contend for a Wild Card spot, they’ll be in the mix next season. Will their rivals in DC, the Washington Nationals, be up for the challenge as well? If not, we’ll see what other moves teams in the NL East make, to put their name in the division champion race.
The Royals didn’t have much competition in the AL Central, running away by 12 games over the next closest opponent. Will that be more of the same or does a team like the Tigers get back into thick of the division? Or will it be a team like the up and coming Twins? Either way, the Royals have a bullseye on their back now, the only question: are you ready to defend the crown?

Feature Image by:  Aaron Vowels

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