The Warriors Are Legendary

Each game will get tougher for the Warriors from here on out. Every win catapults them further into legendary status, and opponents become that much more eager to become the team that ends their record-breaking winning streak. After beating the Jazz Monday night the Warriors improved to 19-0. NBA fans have been checking Golden State’s schedule for a couple weeks trying to pick the game that could finally bring the streak to a close.


The game in Utah on Monday night was almost the one that ended it. The Jazz had an open look at the end from Rodney Hood that would have put them ahead with just a few seconds left. The rebound bounced out of the hands of a few Jazz players before being secured by Draymond Green.


If you’re looking ahead, the next best chance for the Warriors to lose is in Toronto, when the Warriors make the third stop on their seven-game road trip. After that? Probably the Cavs on Christmas. If the Warriors make it that far they’ll be 28-0. The Jazz will get their next shot against Golden State on December 23rd.


It’s hard to imagine that the Warriors will still be undefeated at that point. That’s what makes this loss hurt for the Jazz. They laid it all out there and came up just short. They clawed back from an 11-point deficit, they hit huge shots, the crowd was amped, everything was going for them, and then Steph Curry happened.


The Jazz held Curry to just 7 points in the first half. In fact, he didn’t score in the second quarter. But like clockwork he came alive. The Jazz took the lead in the fourth after Curry spent a considerable amount of time on the bench. The first thing he did when he came back in the game was knock down a three to tie it right back up.


That’s what makes this team so special. Everywhere they go they face hostile crowds and teams giving them their best shot. Steph Curry is a ferocious competitor with an assassin’s poise. Every player accepts his own role, and even interim coach Luke Walton, who isn’t getting credit for any of this, is filling in nicely for Steve Kerr.


The dagger came when Steph Curry created just enough separation to hit a three falling away with under a minute left. Everyone in the building knew it was going down. While it’s tough to watch your team come up short, the Warriors are a gift, and basketball fans should enjoy the show they are putting on. Who knows if there will ever be a team this exciting again? Here’s to hoping that the magic continues for just a little while longer.

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