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Utah Football Roster Update: Two-Deep entering Camp Kyle


SALT LAKE CITY — The hype surrounding Utah football heading into fall camp isn’t without reason. The defending South  champions head towards kickoff as the Pac-12 favorites and hopes have never been higher.

Let’s take a look at the personnel hoping to handle the high expectations in 2019. Here’s your too early two-deep heading into Camp Kyle.


Under the new direction of Andy Ludwig, the Utes offense in 2019 will look a little different from the one we saw in 2018. Ludwig, in his second stint with the Utes, seems to be more focused on the ground game and less focused on gimmicks. I suppose that’s a good strategy considering the talent in the backfield.


An experienced unit with two dual-threat guys who’ve played in plenty of big games. Between the two of them, Huntley and Shelley have played in 32 games with 24 starts. Huntley has missed major parts of his starting seasons. With an extra twenty lbs of muscle this year, there’s reason to believe he has a strong finish to his career. My dark horse for Pac-12 Player of the Year.

  • 1 Tyler Huntley (6-1 205, Sr. 3VL)
  • 15 Jason Shelley (5-11, 200, So., 1VL)



Even after the transfer of Armand Shyne, the Utes have a healthy stable of workhorses here. Zack Moss is an NFL back. Devontae Henry-Cole has made major strides after missing 2018. TJ Green has WHEELS. Several capable underclassmen(Wilmore, will compete for rest behind these guys and can provide depth if injuries do stack up.

  • 2 Zack Moss (5-10, 222, Sr. 3VL)
  • 7 Devonta’e Henry-Cole (5-8, 196, Jr, 2VL)
  • 4 TJ Green (5-11, 205, So. 1VL)



Along with Fotheringham and Kuithe is Thomas Yassmin, a redshirt freshman from down under. A young trio of talented TE’s look to build upon a promising 2018 campaign.

  • 89 Cole Fotheringham (6-4, 252, So., 1VL)
  • 80 Brant Kuithe (6-2, 250, So., 1VL)
  • 87 Thomas Yassmin (6-5, 255, RS-FR)



The Utes have a good amount of contributors on the outside but one question still remains; do they have a true number 1 target? For Utah to meet their lofty goals this season, it’s likely they’ll need at least one of these guys to step up to the plate in a big way.

  • 19 Bryan Thompson (6-2, 200, So., 2VL)
  • 25 Jaylen Dixon (5-9, 170, So., 1VL)


  • 3 Demari Simpkins (5-10, 180, Sr., 3VL)
  • 21 Solomon Enis (6-3, 205, So., 1VL)


  • 18 Britain Covey (5-8, 170, Jr., 2VL)
  • 45 Samson Nacua (6-3, 200, Jr., 2VL)



There aren’t many question marks on the 2019 roster, but this is one of them. It’s not as much a question of who, but how the holes left to the NFL will be filled. The Utes have the bodies and experience to put forth a serviceable offensive line, it’s just a matter of how Jim Harding pieces it together. With his history in forming the O Block, it’s not a question I’m all that worried about. Since he’s not on the roster yet, I won’t throw him on the two-deep. But I expect Bam Olaseni to arrive and become a starter by week 3.


  • 77 Darrin Paulo (6-5, 315, Sr., 3VL)
  • 72 Luke Felix-Fualalo (6-7, 310, Fr., HS)


  • 65 Paul Toala (6-4, 320, Sr., 2VL)
  • 66 Kyle Lanterman (6-2, 305, Sr., 3VL)


  • 50 Orlando Umana (6-4, 315, Jr,. 2VL)
  • 54 Paul Maile (6-2, 300, Fr., RS)


  • 71 Braeden Daniels (6-4, 300, Fr, RS)
  • 53 Johnny Maea (6-4, 285, Fr., HS)


  • 55 Nick Ford (6-5, 315, So,. 1VL)
  • 58 Simi Moala (6-7, 305, Fr.,



Utah led the Pac-12 in scoring defense, rushing defense and third-down defense in 2018. They put a conference-high seven defenders on All-Pac-12 teams. Five of those all-conference performers return in 2019. That doesn’t mean the Utes avoid any turnover, but they do seem equipped to handle it.


Up front, there’s plenty to be excited about for Utah football. The Utes defensive line is always solid, but this year is different. With several NFL prospects, Utah’s D-Line in widely considered among the best in the country.


  • 6 Bradlee Anae (6-3, 265, Sr, 3VL)
  • 93 Semisi Lauaki (6-3, 270, Fr., HS)


  • 52 John Penisini (6-2, 320, Sr., 2VL)
  • 41 Hauati Pututau (6-3, 305, Jr., 2VL)


  • 99 Leki Fotu (6-5, 330, Sr., 3VL)
  • 98 Viane Moala (6-6, 315, Jr., RS)


  • 42 Mika Tafua (6-3, 252, So., 1VL) OR
  • 92 Maxs Tupai (6-1, 253, Jr., 2VL)



Needing to replace the production of longtime Utes Cody Barton and Chase Hansen, Utah looks to fill some big shoes. Devin Lloyd’s progression has been really promising for the depth here.


  • 13 Francis Bernard (6-0, 240, Sr., 1VL)
  • 45 Andew Mata’Afa (6-3, 225, Fr., RS)


  • 20 Devin Lloyd (6-3, 235, So., 1VL)
  • 24 Sione Lund (6-0, 235, So., SQ)



Among the more talented groups in the Pac-12 and maybe the country. My intern Jaylon Johnson is a first rounder and Javelin Guidry is thee fastest player in college football.


  • 1 Jaylon Johnson (6-0, 190, Jr., 2VL)
  • 9 Bronson Boyd (6-0, 187, So., 1VL)


  • 5 Tareke Lewis (5-11, 180, Sr., 1VL)
  • 14 Josh Nurse (6-3, 200, Sr., 2VL)


  • 28 Javelin Guidry (5-9 188, Jr. 2VL)
  • 11 Malone Mataele (5-11, 183, Fr., RS)



After suggesting and making the move to safety, 2x All-Pac-12 Julian Blackmon leads a group with major upside. Blackmon’s ball skills and range make him a prototypical FS. He has definite next-level potential. An experienced Burgess adds a natural fit next to Blackmon and fills the whole left by NFL departures (Ballard, Blair).


  • 23 Julian Blackmon (6-1, 195, Sr., 3VL)
  • 10 R.J. Hubert (6-0, 198, So., 1VL)


  • 26 Terrell Burgess (6-0 198, Sr. 3VL)
  • 19 Vonte Davis (6-0, 190, Jr., 1VL)


— Special teams —

After being promoted from co-coordinator to full Special Teams Coordinator, Sharrieff Shah has his hands full replacing the duo of Mitch Wishnowsky and Matt Gay – two of the best in the country at their position. His track record in replacing talent at these spots bodes well.


  • 97 Jadon Redding (5-11, 190, Fr., HS)
  • — Andrew Strauch (6-0, 180, Sr., TR)


  • 33 Ben Lennon (6-2, 205, Fr., HS)


  • 33 Ben Lennon (6-2, 205, Fr., HS)
  • 15 Jason Shelley (5-11, 200, So., 1VL)


  • 93 Keegan Markgraf (6-3, 225, Jr., 1VL)
  • 48 Noah Rodriguez-Trammell (6-2, 211, So., 1VL)


  • 18 Britain Covey (5-8, 170, Jr., 2VL) AND
  • 3 Demari Simpkins (5-10, 181, Sr., 3VL)


  • 18 Britain Covey (5-8, 170, Jr., 2VL)
  • 23 Julian Blackmon (6-1, 195, Sr., 3VL)


The pieces are there for Utah, there’s no questioning that. Not only to compete for a Pac-12 title, but maybe even on the national stage if some things bounce their way. Even if they haven’t quite bloomed yet, I’m certainly smelling roses. It all starts at Camp Kyle.

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