What is the ideal schedule for BYU football?

week 1: Utah- This game should be played every year and it should be played in the opening game of the year for both teams.

week 2: Arkansas- Good but not great team from the top conference in the country.

week 3: Iowa state- P5 team that BYU can beat most years.

week 4: Notre Dame- There’s no reason why BYU and UND shouldn’t play every year. A battle of independents.

week 5: UCLA- Good for recruiting in the southern California area and also in name value.

week 6: UNLV- It’s always a fun road trip to Vegas, plus it’s a team BYU can smash every year.

week 7: Utah State- The game should be played every year. It makes sense for both teams.

week 8: SDSU- Good for recruiting the southern California area and a team BYU should be able to beat regularly.

week 9: Boise state- Another team that can be a good battle for BYU and for supremacy outside the P5.

week 10: North Texas- Great way to recruit the state of Texas and it’s a team BYU should beat each year.

week 11: McNeese state- BYU should schedule a guaranteed win at the end of the year.

week 12: Hawaii- Because Hawaii is awesome and a great place for BYU to recruit.



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