Why isn’t Jimmer in the NBA?

Jimmer Fredette is again turning heads again at The Basketball Tournament, a $2 million winner takes all tournament, where Team Fredette is readying for a semi-final match-up for a chance to play for the championship.

The Basketball Tournament is custom made for Jimmer’s game, where there’s an emphasis on scoring, and a general lack of commitment to defense. Few players are long enough, or athletic enough to match Jimmer’s shooting prowess from the perimeter, or his craftiness inside the arch off the dribble. Additionally, he’s the focus of his team’s offense, able to launch any shot he feels comfortable with. Luckily for Team Fredette, he’s brought his team to the precipice of a $2 million pay day, and has reinserted his name in the conversation to once again joining the NBA. I wrote about whether or not Jimmer can again find himself signing an NBA deal.

Why isn’t Jimmer in the NBA?


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