The 25 Best Sports Vines Ever

There is nothing like watching some great sports plays. So here are some of the best sports plays ever caught in 6 second clips on Vine.


1. Luis Gil from Real Salt Lake double nutmegs two LA Galaxy players during the Western Conference Semifinals.

2. This guy fakes out the goalie not once, not twice, but three times before easily scoring.

3. Messi shows how to take the ultimate free kick and bend it in for a goal

4. The best slide tackle ever…or was it a shot on goal?

5. No words… just amazing! 6. The Flying Dutchman. Robin Van Persie’s amazing goal during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.


7. Clemson’s RB completely leaps over someone for the touchdown. 8. Kenny Bells one handed catch… and touchdown!

9. A four-person tackle…ouch. 10. Better watch where you are going.

11. Huge hit to knock the football loose. 12. It might be Arena Football, but this is still an amazing catch.


13. Michael Jordan doing his thing. 14. I bet this guy feels foolish.

15. Not even 3 guys can stop him from dunking.

16. This isn’t fair, but looks so fun.


17. This TV cameramen might have found his next job. 18. Communication is key, but they caught it anyway.

19. Double plays are always fun to watch during baseball. They look like ninjas.


20. This guy would have been a god in my elementary school dodge ball games.

21. How many times did this guy practice this shot?

22. This ball boy has extremely fast reflexes.

23. Yes, that is real life, not a video game.

24. Did you count how many spins this guy did?

25. After watching these two I’ve decided just to stick to tubing.


So these are my favorite 25 Sports Vines Ever! Which ones were your favorite? Did I miss one that you love? Leave a COMMENT below and let me know!

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