Deflate-Gate: Will it ever go away?!

Keith Allison

How many people that aren’t Patriots fans and Patriots haters really care about the deflate-gate situation?! That’s what I want to know, because that’s the only rationale of people we can truly look to if there is any sort of punishment for Tom Brady and/or the New England Patriots. Sure, I have a problem if Tom Brady was knowingly deflating footballs to gain an “advantage” but if it was just for one game and not a long standing situation then I’m not as interested. A one-time occurrence should still be punished, but the reason I have a problem with deflate-gate has a lot to do with the amount of times I’ve heard the words probable or generally in the last few days. If someone probably did something, but you don’t know for sure, then how can you pass down any sort of punishment?! So unless you can give me a definitive Tom Brady “for sure” was a linked to having footballs deflated, then I don’t have interest in the situation. Now, if it comes out that Brady was indeed a part of this supposed “scandal” then obviously a suspension and/or fine must come down. It shouldn’t be a year suspension though. I’m talking a game or two, tops! This wasn’t bounty-gate! This wasn’t somebody or many people trying to injure people; this wasn’t somebody taking PED’s; this isn’t a player being involved in a domestic violence case; this is a player that deflated footballs… maybe!

So the Brady haters can hate, if that’s what you like to do and the Patriots fans can continue to have Brady’s back, but if you simply break this down for what it really is at this point… there are some facts, but nothing damning linking to Brady, other than probable. A 50/50 chance or a 60/40 chance that Brady deflated footballs isn’t good enough for me, so unless you can give me a definitive Tom Brady “for sure” was a linked to having footballs deflated, then I don’t want to hear the case and no punishment should be passed down.


Featured Image by: Keith Allison

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