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John Stockton is Heading Back to Basketball


The NBA legend played 19 years with the Utah Jazz before retiring in 2003. Now, 12 years later the legend is coming back to the game, but this time as an assistant coach.

Most Utah fans will be slightly disappointed he’s not coming back to coach his former team but will head to Montana to coach his daughter’s senior year at Montana State Bobcats.

After at 15-15 season last year Stockton said, “Coach [Tricia] Binford called and took a flier asking if I’d be interested.” He continue, “I’m excited about the prospect of working with the kids. I’ve enjoyed watching the team over the past three years. I had a chance to be around them and develop relationships during their trip to the Bahamas this spring. It will be a fun group to work with.”

Stockton-in-the-StandsAfter several years seeing him in the stands of Gonzaga games, it will be nice to seem him on the bench.

Maybe this will start his coaching career and eventually lead him back home. What would you think of the legend coaching in Salt Lake City?

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