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Utah Fall Camp – Day 10

Day 10 Utah fall camp notes.

Day 10 of fall camp for the University of Utah football team was a long and physical practice, according to Utah football head coach Kyle Whittingham.

The Utes will continue their second full week of Camp Kyle with practices running through Friday. Live work will begin tomorrow before their first preseason scrimmage takes place on Saturday.

Utes in new positions

Freshman Nick Ford was recruited as a defensive tackle, but he is now heading to the offensive line and senior Kenric Young, who spent three seasons as a wide receiver, is taking on the cornerback role.

“The switch has been good,” Ford said. “I’ve been a little rusty at O-line, but I’m starting to get back into the flow of things. I’m really loving it.”

Both Utes have seen the positives that have come along with changing sides, but Ford and Young are also quickly learning what they need to sharpen up on in order to succeed.

“The hardest part actually is just playing backwards,” Young said. “Instead of running forward, now I got to mirror somebody and stop on a dime and then watch my eyes on them the whole entire time. You got to get the technique down to play in this defense.”

Defensive leaders

The energy and leadership especially coming from the defensive side of the ball has caught Utah defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley’s attention.

Lowell Lotulelei, Filipo Mokofisi, Bradlee Anae, Sunia Tauteoli, Cody Barton, David Luafatasaga, Casey Hughes and Julian Blackmon are Utes that have caught Scalley’s eye specifically on the field. Off the field, Scalley noted the even though Chase Hansen isn’t playing right now, he is contributing and being a leader in meetings.

“That’s what you’re looking for,” Scalley said. “You’re looking for a guy or two in each position group to kind of hold their guys accountable. It’s one thing when you get a safety yelling at a defensive lineman but they don’t really know what they go through. So it’s nice to have a defensive lineman talk to a defensive lineman.”

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