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Utah Fall Camp – Day 12

Notes from day 12 of Utah fall camp.

Day 12 has been crossed off of the fall camp schedule for the University of Utah football team. The Utes will hit the field again on Friday before their first scrimmage of camp takes place on Saturday.

Taylor’s offense coming along

As practice continues on the hill for the Utes, so does the offensive transformation that Utah offensive coordinator Troy Taylor is installing.

“We’re certainly glad Troy’s here, and the offense is making progress,” said Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham. “We haven’t played anybody yet so we’ll reserve judgment on how things are going until we get into the season, but so far we like what we see.”

Although Utah has been known for its standout defense, Taylor is ready to develop the offense to become a shining element of the team as well.

“We want to be just as aggressive as they are on defense, on offense,” Taylor said. “To me, that’s the image that I picture is our aggressiveness, their aggressiveness, and when you get that rolling, it’s unstoppable.”

No matter what offense a team runs, Whittingham knows it comes down to execution, making plays and taking care of the ball that will boost the success rate for an offense. For the Utes, those techniques and fundamentals are being sharpened and strengthened with Taylor holding the reigns.

Scrimmage Saturday

Saturday’s scrimmage is not going to be live work the entire time, rather just a few segments because Whittingham wants to be careful with how much physicality takes place since game time is quickly approaching.

Whittingham does however want the scrimmage to feel how an actual game would feel in terms of subbing in and out, going from the offense to the punt team and from kickoff to kickoff coverage so that come game day, everyone knows what to expect.

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