Australian Open 2015: 121mph Ball to Groin and Other Killer Shots

Have you been keeping up with the 2015 Australian Open? If not, you can get caught up with the matches here so you can jump right in.

To help your efforts on catching up, here are a couple of must-see videos we’ve come across:

Fun Fact: As a ball boy, you must keep your hands placed behind your back. Normally, I wouldn’t give that a rule a second thought, and then I saw this. Last week Sam Day, one of the ball boys for the 2015 Australian Open, took a 123mph serve by Spanish player Feliciano Lopez to his groin. With his hands clasped behind his back, he was not able to react as the tennis ball approached and then hit him square between the legs. Escorted off the court, Day was able to return a bit later to once again stand as ball boy.

In other Australian Open news, there have been some truly amazing shots that didn’t physically injure anyone. Check out the video below and let us know what your favorite moments have been.

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